Quarantine Chronicles: Stylist Katey Preston

Quarantine Chronicles with our Stylist Katey Preston

Our ‘Quarantine Chronicles’ series continues this week with our Stylist, Katey Preston. Below is a fun peak into what Katey’s been up to during these social distancing days!

Quarantine Chronicles with our Stylist Katey Preston

Stylist Katey Preston


What is the silver linings in all of this for you?

I have 2 kids, a boy (age 8) and a girl (age 10). Pre-quarantine they got along “OK.” They’re typical siblings – when they get along, they really get along, and when they fight, man they can fight. But I’ve watched over the past month as the two of them have become friends – sweet, sweet friends. They realized early on that they are each other’s only playmates. They can Facetime with their friends and wave at them from across the street, but when it comes down to playing, they only have each other. Don’t get me wrong, we have still had the occasional fight, but for the most part they are really getting along. They transformed my son’s room into a 2 bedroom fort condo and have spent every night the past week sleeping in it. They read stories together, they go scootering together, they draw together, they learn together, and they talk. From their fort bedrooms, I hear them giggling and talking as they fall asleep each night. And it’s awesome. 


What is your “Quarantine Uniform?”

I have the following on rotation: an Aerie sweatshirt with Zella workout leggings, my Aerie joggers with a front-tucked tshirt, a Lovestitch maxi dress now that the days are getting warmer, and some flowy paperbag waist pants that I found at Target last year – either topped with a tshirt and jean jacket, a spring sweater tucked in, or a graphic tee that may or may not talk about needing a glass of wine :). With all of them, I wear makeup and pull a Styled Simplicity earring to feel put together. It’s the little things! 

Oversized Sweatshirt | High Waisted Leggings


Quarantine Chronicles what to wear joggers, maxi dresses and high waisted pants

Joggers | Maxi Dress | Tie Waist Wide Leg Pants


Any good books, podcasts, or shows?

Can you believe I haven’t read any books yet? It falls into that category of, “if I check that off my list, what do I have left to look forward to.” I’ve been doing a lot of puzzles, playing card games with my family, crafting with my kids, and catching up on shows in my queue. We are watching Little Fires Everywhere right now, and in queue are season finales of Manifest, A Million Little Things and This Is Us!


What are some of your favorite quarantine activities?

Some days, I follow my homeschool schedule better than others. But one thing I look forward to each day is writing with my kids.  We have a 15 minute writing block, taking turns choosing the writing prompt. One day it might be what I would do with $200,000,000; and another might be to talk about what the silver linings of being quarantined are. After we finish, we read them to each other. It’s been a great excuse to get back to a hobby that I’ve forgotten how much I love. And to hear what good little writers my kiddos are turning into!

Another was inspired by friends on Facebook……sidewalk chalk drawings! We don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood, and our driveway is made of aggregate. In fact, I had long ago thrown away our sidewalk chalk and needed to order a stash online. We head to a local walking trail or a school parking lot to draw mosaics like this one (created with painters tape!) and inspirational words for anyone who might be walking by. 

Quarantine Chronicles: Stylist Katey Preston

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