Stylist Pick of the Week: Turkish Towel

This week’s ‘Stylist Pick Of The Week’ is courtesy of our Nashville Stylist, Katey Preston.

Stylist Pick of the Week: Turkish Towel

Katey Preston's Stylist Pick of the Week Turkish Towel

Don’t underestimate the fabulousness of this little gem right here…the turkish towel. Coming off of a week-long family beach trip, this was my most favorite item packed for sure! At the beach, it works great as a blanket! It’s perfect for little ones to snuggle up too in the shade for a little down time. It even works great as a blanket on the car trip home… My 9 year old cozied up with it in the back seat of our road trip in a chilly air conditioned car!

You can also throw it on over a wet suit as a cover up. Tie it either at your chest or waist, and you are stylish on the walk back to your beach house. And at home, I love it as my towel in a pool bag packed with bulky kids towels and snacks or a picnic blanket for concerts in the park.


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