Survival Style Kit

Effortless Style Survival Style Kit

Our team has been hard at work over the past two weeks brainstorming ways we can give our followers and clients a sense of community and purpose during these unprecedented times of social distancing. We hope y’all enjoyed our series on prepping your closet for spring! Be on the lookout next week for a new and fun challenge coming your way!

We so miss seeing our clients, old and new, in person and have been working together to create an opportunity for us to interface with y’all and vice versa. And thus, the Survival Style Kit was born!Effortless Style Survival Style Kit

Survival Style Kit

What it looks like….

Enjoy a virtual video call with the stylist of your choosing to make a plan on what you are trying to achieve with ten items for your closet. Our stylist will then search out these items for your specified needs. And then load them into an account just for you on our online closet portal, allowing you to purchase them when you are ready! Think fun things to hunker down at home in. Items for your upcoming Summer plans (that we are ALL dreaming of right now). Or pieces you have been wanting to add to your wardrobe and that are now majorly on sale, etc!

This is a great price point for a little happy for yourself. Or this fun package is also a great gift! Think girlfriend that has a birthday and can’t celebrate, a mother-in-law who is stuck at home alone, or a sister who needs a pick me up!

Feel free to email one of our stylists or message us here with any questions you may have or to purchase! 

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