3 Style Resolutions for 2022

3 Style Resolutions for 2022 Effortless Style Nashville Personal Stylist

Style resolutions for 2022…  It’s amazing how the coming of the New Year brings a new lease on life – each and every year, year after year….  And what a blessing that is!  The New Year brings a sense of much needed positivity and the unique opportunity for a fresh start, making it the perfect time to reflect on those areas in our lives where things are as they should be and to acknowledge those in which we can do better….  And to then evaluate priorities and intentionally set goals for the year across different areas of our lives. 

These goals can be “small,” seemingly more doable or fun things, like waking up earlier, traveling more, making to-do lists, working out more….  Or, they can be more long term and possibly less tangible – focusing more on gratitude, working for that promotion at work, or putting your phone down and being more present for our loved ones.  Small, big, serious, fun….  Each goal and intention we set is significant in its own way as we embark on the new year!

As we are all reflecting on these things this month, we thought it would be fun to share some style inspired resolutions with you guys!



3 Style Resolutions for 2022


Make a point to be more intentional about elevating your everyday casual look beyond athleisure – add fun accessories, change your shoes, choose your denim over sweatpants!  Below are a few ideas with related blog posts from the past year to check out as you think through how you can elevate your everyday looks!

3 Style Resolutions for 2022 Elevate Your Wardrobe Add Fun Accessories

Put the sweatpants back and reach for your favorite pair of jeans and a cozy sweater instead…

| Easy Casual Looks |

Amp up your joggers look with a cute top and fun accessories.  Just because you are wearing joggers doesn’t mean you have to look like you just came from the gym…

| How to Wear Joggers |

Trade in that jersey or tee shirt for a cute spirited look on game day…

Dressing For Game Day | What to Wear in Nashville for a Press Game

Have some fun with accessories!

| Outdoor Accessories for Winter Socializing |




When it comes to your style, be more open to experimenting with new things – whether that be wearing a new color, trying out a new trend, or thinking outside the box when it comes to “seasonal rules,” like wearing white after Labor Day.  Check out a few of our ideas below on how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone….  But remember, what is most important is that you remain true to yourself as you think through this!

experimenting with new styles Take Style Risks Try new outfit ideas

Consider incorporating a trend that might feel a little uncomfortable to you …

| How to Wear Leather |

Try wearing that piece you have seen people talking about or that you have been eyeing but perhaps don’t know where to start…

| How to Wear a Bodysuit |

Try a new silhouette on one of your favorite wardrobe pieces, like jeans…

| How to Wear Straight Leg Jeans |

Put tradition aside and consider a concept that is a bit more outside of the box, like wearing white through the winter or denim on denim…

How to Wear White Jeans in Winter | How to Pull Off Denim-On-Denim




Gang, clean out your closet.  Get rid of things that are worn out or you don’t absolutely love.  Keep the things you love but don’t wear much – then brainstorm on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.  Come up with a system for organizing your closet and implement it….  And most importantly, recognize when you need help to effectively do this.  We are here to help!  Here are a few blog posts with tips and tricks on organizing your closet….

3 Style Resolutions for 2022 How to Transition Your Closet for Winter

How to Transition Your Closet for Early Winter | Closet Ideas – Organizing Handbags


Feeling overwhelmed and think you might want help?  Check out these blog posts to learn more about what we do and how we assist our clients in creating a cohesive and intentional closet.

The Gift of Effortless Style | The Closet Audit | A Look at Our Virtual Closet Audit | What is a Styling Session



Welcome to a new year, gang – let’s get out there and make the most of it!

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